Standing Alone


Loneliness seemed to swarm me at an early age. I’ve always felt like I was standing alone fighting my battles by myself. Even when I’d read scriptures like “Fear thou not; for I am with thee…” Isaiah 41:10 KJV

I’d still feel alone. Down through the years, it seemed like I couldn’t hold on to friends to save my life. My grandmother used to tell me that I couldn’t hang out with just anybody and I never understood what that meant. I was chosen, Does it mean that I will forever be by myself?  

Why was God pushing people out of my life? The other day I watched this YouTube video called Set Apart Not Set Aside + Purposeful isolation and everything seemed to click. What really stood out to me was when she mentioned that it may be that God needs me to pay attention to Him and to rid myself of distractions so I can focus on what He needs me to do. After I watched that video I felt a peace come over me. Maybe it’s time to put down all the distractions and really listen to what God is trying to tell me. I no longer feel like I’m standing alone. I am standing with Jesus and He’s the only friend I need.

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