5 Biggest Mistakes while transitioning

  1. 2013-04-29 16.56.12
    when I trimmed my own ends.

    trimming my own ends

  2. trying to transition on my own. 
    • It was a pain. I didn’t know what I was doing and I barely knew how to take care of my relaxed hair. Adding a second texture made it very overwhelming. My hair became matted and difficult to detangle so I hooked up with a local stylist who taught me a little more about different products and how to take care of the two textures
  3. Allowing the opinion  of others to make second guess going natural 
  4. Not moisturizing my hair daily
    • caused my hair to become brittle and break off

      2012-09-04 12.18.41
      bandana days
  5. Cutting the relaxed hair around the perimeter of my head
    • ha! so at like 4 months transitioning I got sooooo frustrated that I decided it was time to cut off my relaxed ends. I started cutting the front, suddenly I realized it was wayyyy too short and that I wasn’t ready so I head to wear headbands to cover the parts that I cut

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