Random thought 

I watched the movie Sleight lastnight and it got me thinking . The lead character was a good kid whose parents died. In order for him and his sister to survive ( eat and have money for extra necessities around the house ) he did magic tricks in the street and sells drugs on the side. He wanted out of the drug game, but in doing so he rips off his supplier and everything just goes south from there . ” I messed up real bad ” he tells his girlfriend explaining what he had done . Man I nearly cried when those words came out of his mouth. I know it’s just a movie, but there is someone in this world that is going through something similar to him. Sometimes we try to fix our problems by ourselves instead of calling on God and we make them worse . “Nah God , I’m good I’ll figure something out” We tell Him . Then we run crying back to him and asking him to fix it . What would happen if we call on God first ? What would happen if we stopped making God our back up plan ? How much time would we save ?

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