Another Benonite Clay Mask Post!

Happy Sunday ! I just bought more bentonite clay and I thought it was only right to make a video on how I use it on my hair. I made this video late Saturday night. I probably didn’t finish doing my hair until 2 am.then I struggled to get up and ready for church in the morning ( I will never do that again lol). I decided to braid my hair in four cornrows overnight. The next morning I unraveled the braids and put my hair in a ponytail using a headband. My hair was still wet. My hair didn’t dry all the way until Monday afternoon smh.

This time I made sure the mask had a paste like consistency. I noticed that my hair softer this time and it seemed like my hair was drying faster than it normally does. It was drying before I warmed up my deep conditioning cap and that surprised me.  I’m not really sure if the curls were more defined than the other times I tried it.  Maybe you can be the judge…


Collage 2017-01-27 14_28_24
Last Clay Mask


Song: Grace – Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago (feat. Le’Andria)

insta: kayy_shae

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