My SUPER THICK Natural Hair


My hair is currently arm pit length, which was a big milestone for me.  As I told you guys in a previous post ( High VS. Low Porosity Hair ), my hair is low porosity. It loves loves loves products that contain humectants ( products that take moisture from the atmosphere and somehow puts it in your hair ), and liquidy leave ins. When I part the middle of my hair, there’s breakage along the sides of the part. I’m not entirely sure how that happened, but these are my guesses

    • The crown of my hair is the hardest to comb and sometimes I lose patience and comb it any kind of way.
      Single Strand Knot
    •    Single strand knots are all of my head and when I see them, I cut em. No matter how far up the hair shaft it is
    Dutch braids
    • I  used to wear Dutch braids all the time after I washed my hair. It was really simple and easy to do when I noticed the breakage I decided not to wear them as much.

It honestly may be the combination of the three. I am currently looking into styles that cause less tension on that part of my hair as well as products and methods that promote hair growth. If you guys have any suggestions feel free to tell me. Has your hair even broken off? If so, where and how’d you fix the problem?

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