New Hair Color

I’d like to start this post off saying that I love my hair color ! It was supposed to be done the day after my birthday, but the lady cancelled on me . I was beyond disappointed.. like i literally cried lol .

I rescheduled my appointment with the woman who did my hair for prom. The whole process ( color and style) took three hours. The person who booked my appointment only scheduled me for a hour and a half which isn’t nearly enough time to tackle my hair. So someone else has to straighten it. It took the first stylist 1 hour and 30 minutes for color and blow dry. I assumed the 2nd stylist was new, because it took her two hours to straighten it. I don’t blame her though I have a lot of hair and I’m pretty sure she wanted to do a good job .

I originally wanted a semi permanent color , but I settled for permanent. I know i know it’s bad for your hair save me the lecture. I will not be doing it again lol She mixed two colors together , red brown and brown red . She used a brand called matrix in the shades 7BR and 6RB ( I think ) .

What do you guys think ? Do you like it ? What color do you want to dye your hair ?

ps. I typed this on my phone so i apologize for any Grammy and punctuation errors . Excuse my eyebrows as well I got them done a day after these pictures were taken

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