Wash Day w/ Permanent Color

Today was my first time washing my hair since I’ve gotten it dyed. Its been almost two weeks since it was washed. My hair is used to getting washed every week so this was a stretch for us. The stylist told me that somehow color makes hair soft and a little more manageable and she was kinda right! Well, about the softness anyway. I’ll get back to you on the manageable part.

I honestly was nervous about washing my hair. I thought fersure I was going to have heat damage because my hair smelled B U R N T. I am relieved to let you know my curls reverted after shampooing it three times and LOTS of conditioner. The night before I did a hot oil treatment in my hair and kept the oil in overnight. Today, I shampooed, conditioned, deep conditioned, and styled. I noticed that my hair sheds a lot more than usual. I did my research and I guess that’s common with dyed hair. Color can be drying to hair so I tried to give my hair a little extra moisture. I’m still learning how to take care of it so stick with me.

wash day goals :

  • no steaming hot showers :/
  • hot oil treatment every wash
  • do hair in styles that are easy to detangle on wash day
  • after deep conditioning take off the cap (conditioning cap) and let hair cool for a few minutes to close my hair cuticle
  • make sure products are color safe


(taken last clay mask)


(before deep condition)


(after deep condition)


(four flat twists w/ low bun)

Products used:

  • HOT OIL TREATMENT: Part Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Sunflower, Olive Oil
  • SHAMPOO: Maui Moisture Agave
  • CONDITIONER: Organix Anti Breakage Keratin Oil
  • LEAVE IN: Ell Naturelle leave in
    • This leave in is a little too light for me so I mixed the rest of the oils that I used to do a hot oil treatment in the leave in (Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Sunflower, Olive Oil)
  • Styler: Cantu Shea butter  Moisturizing twist and lock
    • first time using this product in 3 years. I remembered that it made my hair flake so I added Sunflower oil (hopefully it works)

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