Hair Update 1-15-18

Lawd my hair sheds like crazy now. I honestly don’t want to comb it sometimes because it’s just a lot. I think I’m going to start doing my protein treatments and start taking hair and nail gummies again ( I hate pills haha). I bought three protein packs from Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula (I pray its enough lol) and we will go from there.


Another problem I’m having is an itchy scalp. I’m constantly scratching my head it’s getting annoying. Yesterday, I oiled my scalp really good and it’s still itching. I’m not really sure why yet. Someone suggested that it may be a product I’m putting on it so I’m going to start eliminating products to see what it is.

On the plus side, my hair is still extremely soft! never has it ever been this soft on my journey so I’m definitely feeling that.

2 thoughts on “Hair Update 1-15-18

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  1. Sometimes conditioner can make your scalp itchy. I usually make sure to thoroughly rinse my hair after I deep condition. Also, your water intake may need to increase because it’s that colder time of the year (if the weather is colder where you are).

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