1st attempt- Fusion of Cultures: Cocoon Curls

I did it!! I loved the look. Overall I loved how my hair looked even though it didn’t turn out quite like Fusion of Cultures. I was in the mirror like YASSSSSS KAYYYY COME THRUUU WITH THE CURLS HAHA!. I achieved this style by separating my hair into three sections. I did three flat twists in the back, four in the middle, and six on the top of my head (exactly like she did). When I do it again I’m going to put four or five flat twists on the top, because it didn’t look right. I think my head may be smaller than hers (no shade). The curls on my right side came out smaller than my left. I tried picking it out more to make it more voluminous, but it didn’t work :/. I didn’t want to put my hair in a ponytail, so I walked out the house like forget it.  In case you guys want to try it I’m going to insert the video.

Products used:

  • sunflower oil
  • Cantu shea butter natural hair moisturizing twist and lock gel
  • water from a spray bottle

Fusion of Cultures: Pillow Soft Cocoon Curls Tutorial:

If you didn’t catch the other styles I am attempting this year click on the link below:
4 Hairstyles I’m Attempting This Year!

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