Last of the Challenge

best thing I've done to my hair: go natural craziest thing I put in my hair: mayo and cinnamon best hair compliment: "I like your hair" the advice I want to share: be patient hair growth secret: eat healthily and take hair vitamins    

Favorite Natural Hair Recipes

I kind of stopped doing recipes these last two years.  I haven't done a lot of of them, but my favorite and least was honey treatment. I absolutely hate the smell of all of those products, honey is really sticky and you have to be but they made my hair feel amazing. Maybe I'll try... Continue Reading →

Person who Inspires me

I'm not really sure who inspires me. I guess it's a mixture of everyone in my life God He's a creator himself. Sometimes he just pops random ideas in my head and I just run with it. He created everything that you see so it's hard not to say he didn't have a huge influence... Continue Reading →

Crown 🙂 I definitely getting one when I for my wedding (whenever that is haha) Flower Headband Grace Eleyae Satin Lined Cap Hair Band (I have no idea what to call it) Turban

Favorite Natural Haired Musician

I only listen to gospel and Christian music. The only two people that I listen to that are natural (that I can think of right now) are Maranda Wilson and Montell Fish. Montell Fish is young, but his message is powerful and effective. I like that about him because I know how much the world is... Continue Reading →

Hair Journey I Love

Thr part of the hair journey I love is learning new things. I'm constantly on Youtube and other blogs, trying to get more knowledge on how to better take care of my hair. I also love seeing the growth. Hair growth isn't my top priority, but it kind of comes with taking good care of... Continue Reading →

Celebrity I adore

I really don't do the whole following celebrities thing. I feel like I'd start comparing my life to theirs or I get too emotionally invested in their lives and not my own. Haha idk I guess I'm weird. I like focusing on my life and the things that I have to do not only for... Continue Reading →

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