Indian Healing Clay Mask

I decided to try it ... twice and it didn't work as well forme as it did everyone else. It cleaned my hair well, but it felt really dry (especially first time because I only used apple cider vinegar, Indian healing clay, and water). I didn't see a major difference between before I used the Indian Clay... Continue Reading →

Products while Transitioning

While I was transitioning my hair was SUPER DRY, because I was using products with a bunch of alcohol in them :/ . I was using Ecostyler Gel, Hello Hydration's conditioner, and a couple other productions that I saw people use on Youtube. When I went to my local stylist, she told me to bring all of... Continue Reading →

Product Update

Products that I've been using lately I'm still trying to find a deep conditioner that I like . If you have any suggestions let me know 🙂

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