Three Strand Twist-Out

This video is the reason why I haven't been posting lately! This is just a walkthrough of my three strand twist-out routine. If you want me to make a detailed version of how to do a three strand twist let me know and I definitely will. part hair into three sections. The crown is the third... Continue Reading →


When moment I learned how to three strand twist, I never looked back. The twists are more defined than a two strand twist out which means I can do less twists and still get great results!

Go to hairstyles 2017

These are my go-to hairstyles of 2017. I only straighten my hair when it's time for a trim (every 6 weeks or so) My favorite hairstyle so far this year is the dutch braids because it's simple to do. It lasts about a week or longer depending on when I wash my hair. Although I looooove wash... Continue Reading →

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