this is what I'm gonna (be doing for the next 20 days (under challenges). STAY TUNED! 🙂

Curls For Days – Flexi Rod Set

To be honest this is probably my last time sleeping in flexi rods because they are horrible to sleep in. I tossed and turned throughout the night and when I woke up I was really crabby. I'm going to buy some bigger perm rods and use those ( I have the purple ones from Sally's Beauty... Continue Reading →

My SUPER THICK Natural Hair

My hair is currently arm pit length, which was a big milestone for me.  As I told you guys in a previous post ( High VS. Low Porosity Hair ), my hair is low porosity. It loves loves loves products that contain humectants ( products that take moisture from the atmosphere and somehow puts it in your hair... Continue Reading →

High VS. Low Porosity Hair

Knowing your hair porosity level is kind of a big deal. Hair porosity gives you an idea how to apply and keep moisture in your hair. I'm just going to tell you the basics because there are thousands of YouTube videos and blogs about this topic. I really didn't wanna write it, but there may... Continue Reading →

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