Hairstyles I Like the Least

Wash n Gos¬†and I are currently not getting along. The longer my hair has gotten the more frustrated when I detangled my hair. When I do a Wash n Go, my hair is more prone to single strand knots (which I HATE ). It's just a hot mess so I decided to take a break... Continue Reading →

this is what I'm gonna (be doing for the next 20 days (under challenges). STAY TUNED! ūüôā


As of August 2017, this is my wash day routine. I tried to simplify my wash day as much as I could. Leave in: Ell Naturelle the ultimate hair solution ( I got it from the hair expo in Detroit MI) Shampoo: Argon Oil - Shea Moisture Oil: Olive Deep Conditioner: Hair Mayonnaise Detangle I... Continue Reading →

Bomb Perm Rod Set

Last week I decided to do a perm rod set on my hair and it came out really good. This style was done on freshly washed and blow dried hair. I flat twisted my hair and perm rod the ends. The same day I went to work and the sweat and humidity almost KILLED this... Continue Reading →

Halo Braid

I saw a  halo braid picture on  Youtube and I decided to see if I could recreate it! tell me what you think. I did a video on it just in case you wanted to do the hairstyle too :) 

Curls For Days – Flexi Rod Set

To be honest this is probably my last time sleeping in flexi¬†rods because they are horrible to sleep in. I tossed and turned throughout the night and when I woke up I was really crabby. I'm going to buy some bigger perm rods and use those ( I have the purple ones from Sally's Beauty... Continue Reading →

My SUPER THICK Natural Hair

My hair is currently arm pit length, which was a big milestone for me. ¬†As I told you guys in a previous post (¬†High VS. Low Porosity Hair¬†), my hair is low porosity.¬†It loves loves loves products that contain humectants ( products that take moisture from the atmosphere and somehow puts it in your hair... Continue Reading →


As you¬†can tell by the title¬†of this post, I am extremely excited about my new discovery. I bought a heated¬†gel cap from Amazon not too long ago and we have an amazing relationship lol.¬†I absolutely love it! my wash day routine no longer takes an entire day, it takes about an hour or so (I'm... Continue Reading →

Another Benonite Clay Mask Post!

Happy Sunday !¬†I just bought more bentonite clay and I thought it was only right¬†to make a video on how I use it on my hair.¬†I made this video late Saturday¬†night. I probably didn't finish doing my hair until 2 am.then I struggled to get up and ready for church in the morning ( I... Continue Reading →

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