Latest Purchase

I bought $32.45 worth of hair stuff at Sally Beauty Supply!  I was only going in to get one thing. I can't even remember what I needed, but I'm pretty sure I never grabbed it.  The Perm rods were on sale and that's the only reason why I got them. I think they were $1.99 per... Continue Reading →

Braid Out

I was sitting in the car with my aunts and older cousins on my way back from a natural hair expo when we started talking about what products make our hair flake. I mentioned that after I use eco styler gel I get white flakes and my hair is dry and crunchy. My aunt suggested mixing... Continue Reading →

Last of the Challenge

best thing I've done to my hair: go natural craziest thing I put in my hair: mayo and cinnamon best hair compliment: "I like your hair" the advice I want to share: be patient hair growth secret: eat healthily and take hair vitamins    

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