10 Winter hair tips

Yesterday it was below 30 °F where I live and I almost froze to death ( mild exaggeration). It is time to share time hair tips for those of us who will be getting below 30°F weather this season.

  1.  Wash hair less

    • if you’re a weekly washer like me, we gotta push it back to maybe every two weeks.
  2. . Deep condition like its no one’s business

  3.  Hot oil treatments

  4. Trim ends regularly

  5. Protective styles ( buns, updos, etc.)

  6. Steam hair/ don’t use shower cap

    • if you don’t mind frizz
  7.  Winter hat is always an option

  8. No coconut oil or shea butter as sealant!

    • Did it last year and never will do it again. My hair was hard as a rock.
  9. stay away from products with alcohol in first five ingredients.

  10. Heat protectant (for heat styling.

** Cold Weather can be harsh on natural hair making it dry and brittle ***

** I absolutely LOVE wearing my hair straight in the winter, but it never lasts more than a week. When I can make it last longer I will definitely share it with you 🙂  **

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